A building should reflect the values of the client and the needs of the users.

As architects and designers, we are privileged to touch lives in profound and lasting ways. We do not dictate solutions to our clients, but collaborate with them to create buildings that are important to their time and place.

We’re a firm that does the right thing for our clients and the right thing for the job.

- Nat Stein
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Our story

After eight years of experience with two leading Milwaukee architects, David Uihlein wanted to practice architecture a different way. He established the firm in 1985 to provide more personal service to clients in the city and state.

Others came to share David’s vision. Del Wilson joined as David’s partner in 1991, Scott Ramlow in 2000, and Nat Stein in 2012. Scott and Nat became sole owners of the firm in 2017.

We are deliberately a mid-size firm in order to provide a wide range of architectural capabilities with a high level of service. A partner leads each project, and one team works the project from beginning to end. We value relationships, and strive to be an extension of our client’s businesses and enterprises.

The notion of relationship-building and being there for our clients is central to UWRS. Doing truly transformational work has led to lasting associations with clients. We build these relationships by collaborating to design extraordinary places that serve the combined needs of the users, the institution and the community.


UWRS offers breadth and depth to our clients, providing process leadership, master planning, and cost modeling and budgeting. We aim to be an architectural resource to our clients, where designing buildings is only the beginning.

  • Programming & Feasibility
  • Architectural Design & Planning
  • Cost Modeling & Budgeting
  • Fund Raising Support
  • Sustainable Design
  • Construction Administration
  • Master Planning & Site Planning
  • Regulatory Support
  • Interior Design & Space Planning


We believe architecture exists to serve. Fulfilling clients’ aspirations, visions and needs drives us to design buildings that are both creative and pragmatic. Projects that provide a civic benefit—improving or enriching lives—fit naturally with our design philosophy. Architecture at its best ripples outward in expanding circles of impact. Inspiring a researcher in a high-tech laboratory, for instance, who is then able to improve human life; building community at a neighborhood ecology center constructed from a reclaimed tavern. To us, a project succeeds when it creates a place that enhances living, makes connections, and becomes integral to the experience of its community. It is architecture that goes beyond buildings, to serve a greater purpose.



Client first. Every facet of our process at UWRS derives from that fundamental principle.


Workshop collaboration
We’re architects who like to roll up our sleeves and get to work, alongside our clients. A unique workshop format—intensive and collaborative gatherings of all stakeholders—is key to our process. At these sessions we receive immediate feedback and make updates to program, design, and budget in real time.

Tools of technology
UWRS invests in technology as a tool to improve efficiency and the client experience. Our design and project management programs foster collaboration among team members. And our 3-D modeling and virtual reality technology enables clients to walk through their projects at the conceptual stage.

Budget expertise
We estimate with the same attention to detail and client priorities as we design. UWRS is known for presenting real-world cost estimates, and staying within budgets.

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Kern Center - MSOE
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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