Greendale Village Center

Greendale, WI

The late 1990’s found the commercial district in Greendale outdated, aging and mostly empty.  Enter local publisher Roy Reiman with the desire and vision to bring life back to the center of the
Nation’s only remaining intact Greenbelt Community.

Uihlein/Wilson worked with Mr. Reiman to find opportunities in the ex¡sting site and reinvigorate the Village. All building fronts were removed and replaced with details inspired by Colonial Williamsburg, the original model for much of Greendale’s architecture. Landmarks were added including entrance pavilions, trellises, new lighting, gardens, sitting areas and a public clock.
The center of the east strip was removed creating an outdoor plaza and connection to a forgotten park.

The center is now continually leased with a combination of Greendale mainstays such as Ferch’s Malt Shoppe and Ricardo’s Pizza- joined by new restaurants, craft stores and local businesses.

Completed in 1998.