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“Uihlein-Wilson really excels in an environment of high expectations, and complicated, multiple party relationships. From the firm’s principals through its project architects and construction administrators, the firm thoroughly understood our value proposition, and showed itself to be both nimble and creative in its efforts to meet and exceed our expectations. In this day in age, an owner expects its architect to bring the skill, creativity and technical tools to deliver an excellent product. But that is no longer sufficient; the architect must be able to work collaboratively in an integrated environment with the owner, engineers and contractors. Uihlein-Wilson stands out in this area, giving the client the complete package.”

George Austin, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery Project Director
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

“The architects associated with our project invested a lot of time understanding our business, culture, resources and facility needs. Goodwill is a complex organization with multiple and complex business lines, which required designing a building that meets not only our current needs, but also provides flexibility for the future. Uihlein/Wilson has strong community relationships with key stakeholders and contractors. As a non-profit organization, Goodwill also believes in building and developing strong community relationships, so the way we worked together was very aligned with our own mission. Uihlein/Wilson’s expertise in planning and design ensured that our project met our business needs, was completed within an aggressive timetable and on budget, but more than that they are also really nice people, which made working with them a pleasure!”

Joan Farrell, Vice President and General Counsel

“From conception to completion, our UWA team (and they did, indeed, operate very much as a well-integrated team) not only had an exceptional vision for–and understanding of–our project, but also had the practical and technical knowledge to make it a wildly successful reality. The team members were dedicated and committed to–and very much engaged in–our project in a way I could never have imagined. Because of that, they were able to create a magnificent result that leaves visitors awestruck–and students, conductors and staff thrilled. It is beautiful. But best of all, it really works!”

Frances S. Richman, Former Executive Director
Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra at the Milwaukee Youth Arts Center

“Working with Uihlein/Wilson Architects is not a push, nor a pull, but cooperation.  They produce exciting concepts and a rational implementation. Our interactions have been a pleasure and there will be more.”

Hermann Viets, Ph.D., President
Milwaukee School of Engineering

“I’ve worked with Uihlein/Wilson Architects on four major projects over the last sixteen years. Whether the task at hand was historic preservation, adaptive re-use, or new construction, they have demonstrated impeccable taste, a mastery of budgets, and an ability to work with their clients as full partners in the process. I can recommend them without the slightest hesitation.”

John Gurda, Writer / Historian

“In over 30 years of working with construction projects and many different architectural firms, my experience with Uihlein/Wilson has exceeded my every expectation. The team’s ability to understand our college’s needs and to involve our academic community in key decisions has resulted in a project that is aesthetically pleasing, extremely functional, on budget and on time. At Alverno we measure and assess all that we do, and by our standards, Uihlein/Wilson has more than delivered on all promises.”

Mary Meehan, President
Alverno College

“I’ve been lucky to work with Uihlein/Wilson Architects, they’re our primary designers, and we do a lot of brainstorming. For example, I’ll present them with four or five projects and they’ll come back with a slew of ideas. We’ll spend time in discussion and design, refining concepts. If it involves sponsorship, we’ll bring those people into play, from finance to ticketing, marketing to branding. It’s a real collaborative process so when we come to a final decision we’re on the same page to go forward.

Knock on wood, every project we’ve undertaken in recent years has been on time, on budget and in many cases, under budget and ahead of schedule.”

Rick Schlesinger, Executive Vice President – Business Operations
Miller Park